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Coach Doug Schakel 

Mesa State College Hall of Fame coach (1978-1996)

"The QUBE should be a staple in every program around the world that's worth it's salt. It is a GREAT contribution to the game"! 

Check out Coach Schakel's video below on correcting shooting flaws.  This is the first video of a 4 part series and Coach Schakel thinks so much of the QUBE that it is featured prominently in this series (6:19 mark and 12:45 mark) All of his video's are spot on, and can be found on YouTube!










Coach Kelvin Lee
Coached at Baylor, Saint Louis University, Texas A&M.  He has since built solid HS programs in St.Louis, Mo including Chaminade College Preparatory School, St.Mary's HS and University City. 

While at Chaminade HS he coached future NBA stars David Lee, Brad Beal and Jayson Tatum.

​"I use the QUBE for my team...I also use it religiously for my son KJ and the results have been dramatic"!

12/3/2015 - Check out (7th grader) KJ's shot below. 


The QUBE has helped re-shape KJ's shot. It's helped lay the foundation for a great 

shot.  Proper form and technique are so important to a shooter.  The QUBE has helped KJ understand the two most important 'non-negotiables' of shooting a basketball ball:

1) Shoot Straight 

2) Proper Arc

Look how straight he shoots now, with great arc!

KJ Lee in 7th Grade (2015)...

KJ Lee now (2020)...

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