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KJ Lee, St.Louis, MO class of 2021

Fort Zumwalt North HS

KJ is one of our first QUBE users ever, first using the QUBE in 2015.  Take a look on our testimonial page for video highlights of him shooting back then.  He's now 6'6" and receiving division 1 interest and scholarship offers.  According to his HS coach Michael Uffmann, KJ has become an elite shooter.  His shot has become effortless and he has great form and technique.  He's really embraced the concept of shooting the ball straight, rarely missing left or right.  He's also developed a consistent follow through pushing his shooting elbow into an upright locked out position which give his shot great arc!

KJ embraces the great coaching he's had from his high school coaches as well as his father Kelvin Lee.  Kelvin is a storied high school coach in the St.Louis area having coached NBA stars David Lee, Brad Beal, and Jayson Tatum!

KJ's hard work on the court is matched by his hard work in the classroom!  He's an excellent student and we are looking forward to seeing what his senior year has in store for him!


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