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It’s funny; shooting a basketball seems to be an elusive skill.   NOW there is a product to change that: the “QUBE” Basketball Trainer!

















The QUBE is a revolutionary patented breakthrough in shooting a basketball.  It IS the next big thing!  You know why?  Because it works!! And, here’s how:

Talk to 10 different experts and you will get 10 different expert opinions on the most important way to shoot a basketball.  Practice, Focus, bend your knees, etc…they’re all important but, THE MOST IMPORTANT, NON NEGOTIABLE, of shooting a basketball is that you must first learn to shoot straight! 


The most common mistake a shooter makes is missing shots left and right.  Do you want to know why?  It's because their shooting elbow is out!  The dreaded chicken wing.  If you miss left or right your shot is flawed!  The QUBE can easily fix this and here's how. 


The QUBE teaches you to not only bring your elbow in but visually you have to make sure the front edge of the QUBE is level.  Why can't I do that with a ball?  With a ball there is no visual cue..often times the player simply continues to shoot with the elbow out (thinking it's still in).
















When you make an adjustment to your shot like we are describing it's uncomfortable.  The player is so used to shooting with the elbow out that this new change may feel weird.  Some players 'get it' right away, and for those players the results are often immediate.  Most players have to practice this new form over and over and the QUBE is the perfect tool for that.  Remember, practicing this motion with the QUBE does not require a rim.  BTW, when you learn to shoot straight you can actually miss long or short and the ball still has a chance to go in!

​​The QUBE's patented design teaches the user proper hand placement and elbow/wrist alignment which are essential in shooting a ball straight!  Using the QUBE helps you develop proper muscle memory and transitions easily to a real basketball.  Once you master the QUBE, you’ll find that every shot is a straight shot with proper arc…you’ll never miss a shot left or right again (and the results are immediate)!  When you purchase the QUBE, you will also learn the non-negotiables of shooting a basketball.  Those are the little secrets to becoming a great shooter.

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