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Introducing the new LEATHER QUBE

Our brand new 'Leather QUBE' is designed for the advanced player who is really looking to improve their ability to shoot a basketball!
The Leather QUBE is the same circumference as the NBA ball and it's the same weight as well. 

The leather is the same leather used for the NBA ball.  It's uniquely designed EPE foam edges, allow it to be used on any surface.  
The Elite QUBE is very easy to shoot. Even though it's a cube shape it provides that muscle memory that translates so easily to a real ball.

The Elite QUBE is one of the most effective basketball shooting aids available.  The QUBE's patented design effectively teaches your shooting hand and guide hand 'what to do'.  It provides instant feed back with regard to good ball rotation, and it provides a visual 'front edge level' cue.
(see the picture above) which is so important to helping players to keep their shooting elbow tucked in, and gives them the best chance of shooting the ball straight.  QUBE teaches the player to have five fingers on the back/bottom of the QUBE and five fingers of the guide hand on the side.



    Same circumference as the Men's ball (approximately 30")                               weight is approximately 21 ounces

                                               The Elite QUBE is designed for player 13 years and older

Before and after pictures

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