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Charlie Wallace, a native of Louisville and former all-state high school football player, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. As an entrepreneur, Charlie has always had a unique ability to turn his dreams and visions into reality. He is a recognized fitness center developer and personal trainer since 1992. Charlie was the founder/owner of Magna Fitness Center in St. Louis which was recognized as one of the midwest's top fitness centers in the 1990's. He was also the strength and conditioning coach for St. Louis University's Men's and Women's Basketball teams from 1995-1999.

During his time in St. Louis, he developed a successful sports training program where he and his staff trained middle school, high school, college and professional athletes. Professional athletes who have used Charlie’s fitness centers in St.Louis and Louisville include NBA stars Larry Hughes, David Lee, Nazr Mohammed, World Cup Soccer player Brian McBride St.Louis Baseball Cardinals Mark McGuire, and many more.

Charlie and his family moved back to Louisville, KY in 2006. He had been involved with the Louisville Basketball Academy as a managing partner through 2014.  In June of 2016 Charlie invented the QUBE basketball trainer and it's been an amazing ride.   With a design and utility patent, the QUBE has now been sold throughout world. You can find the ‘QUBE’ in 45 countries internationally and every state in the US including Hawaii and Alaska.

Every aspect of basketball involves physical strength.  At 62 years old Charlie's still actively involved in strength training.  Here he is bench pressing 275lb for 7 reps.  On the right he's doing an overhead press with 185 lbs. 

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