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Introducing the new  ELITE QUBE

KJ Lee was our  first 'QUBE' user 5 years ago.  Check out his profile page!

It may seem counterintuitive but this ‘square’ QUBE is helping players all over the world improve their ability to shoot a basketball. 

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Qube Inventor,

Charlie Wallace


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Introducing the

Elite Qube

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About the Qube

The QUBE Basketball Trainer teaches players of all ages and skill levels how to SHOOT STRAIGHT by helping them learn proper hand positioning and elbow/wrist alignment.  Knowing how to shoot a basketball straight with good arc gives a player the best chance of making their shoot.  If a player is consistently missing left or right their shot is flawed.  The QUBE can help fix that!

The 'QUBE' helps a player learn the most important aspect of shooting a ball...


The Qube's patented design helps players of all ages and skill levels learn proper hand placement, elbow/wrist alignment, arc, and ball rotation.  Having this knowledge not only improves a players ability to shoot straight but it gives them the best chances of making shots and becoming a great shooter!

 The Qube helps shooters by providing visual cues as well.  

1. Keeping the front edge of the Qube level during your release will ensure your elbow is not 'out'.

This is important because having your elbow out

or bringing the ball across your face may cause you to

miss left & right.

2. The Qube provides instant visual feedback on your ball rotation. 

If your shot has side spin, you may

have a mechanical flaw in your shot. 


The Qube will give shooters a clear understanding of how to shoot straight with good ball-rotation and arc. The shape of the Qube also allows shooters to receive instant visual feedback on whether or not they are creating good ball rotation.


3. The Qube teaches proper hand placement on the ball.

There are 4 ways you can miss a shot: long, short, left, or right. If you regularly miss left or right, your shot is flawed. The Qube teaches proper elbow-wrist alignment, shooters how to consistently shoot straight.

One of the most common mistakes is that

shooters misplace their guide-hand, often times putting it on the ball in a place where it may actually interfere with their shot.  Even worse, sometimes players may use both hands to shoot.

The Qube teaches you to have 5-fingers under/behind the ball, and 5-fingers on the side of the ball. 


4. Each Qube includes detailed instructions/video links with other important tips to improve your shot.

There are many ways to shoot a ball.  If you can go into an empty gym and make 85 of 100 free throws CONGRATULATIONS, you've cracked the code and may not need any shooting advice.  But, for everyone else the Qube is an invaluable  tool!

We teach 10 non-negotiables of shooting a basketball.  We believe these principles are essential to becoming a great shooter, and help simplify and clarify what is required to be a great shooter.

Nothing can be mastered without the proper work ethic and commitment to being great, but once you learn proper mechanics, you'll be on the right track to being a great shooter.

The Qube is a simple, understandable, and affordable solution to making the game of basketball more enjoyable… and we all know basketball is more fun when you know how to shoot!

The QUBE can be used with or without a rim

The QUBE Basketball Trainer is crafted from a proprietary EPE foam.  We have a utility patent as well as a design patent which has helped players from 45 different countries and every state in the US improve their ability to shoot a basketball.

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